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Big Leaf Maple Burl MA 2105
Big Leaf Maple Burl MA 2105

Big Leaf Maple Burl MA 2105

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Big Leaf Maple is not only a beautiful wood for luthiers to use and works great for resin art and resin tables.  We recover our Maple on the Southern Oregon Coast where the variety of soil types can add color to your next woodworking project.  The wood has unmatched qualities, easy workability, and finish. We personally recover most of our trees from logging site where building acoustic guitars and ukuleles it is also prized by woodworkers for beauty and workability.   Our Maple is an amazithe trees were being sent to chip mills.  The areas that the trees are removed from are replanted with new trees making this a very eco-friendly and sustainable wood.  The cool wet air of the Oregon Coast makes the perfect environment for slow consistent growth of high quality wood.  

Kiln dried and surfaced flat. 

Photos are front and back with mineral spirits to show what your finished piece will look like. 

There is 2 pieces to this sale.

Dimensions are approximate 45'' Long 12'' Wide 1.25'' Thick

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