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California Mission Olive Resin Table or Wall Art

California Mission Olive for Resin Art or Small Tables (OL9454)

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California Mission Olive live edge slabs are great for your smaller resin tables and wall art.  You will be amazed by the crazy grain patterns in this wood.  Many of our customers are making resin clocks, trays, and coffee tables with these slabs.

Kiln dried and not sanded. 

Orchard recovery from very old orchard in San Joaquin Valley - trees were planted in 1893-1895. 

Note: These pieces do have old insect damage, checks, bark inclusions, and voids. We do our best to package the Olive for shipping, but cracks can open up during shipping.

Photos taken of what the olive pieces look like in the box when it arrives.  

Box of Olive pieces. There are 3 layers.  The box size is 12" wide x 24" long.

Free shipping to lower 48 states.