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Oregon Juniper

Oregon Juniper Box of Pieces (JU9530)

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Oregon Juniper or Western Juniper is a native tree to Eastern Oregon.  The trees are very slow growing and some trees have been dated at over 1,600 years old.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) classifies the Oregon Juniper tree as being both native and noxious invasive.  The issue is Junipers are outcompeting the other native grasses and sagebrush.  This has led to the population of Bighorn Sheep and Pronghorn Antelope being reduced by Mountain Lions.  Populations of native birds including sage-grouse have been affected by birds of prey using Junipers as perches.  The BLM and Oregon State Natural resources have started many programs to remove the Oregon Junipers from much of Eastern Oregon.  They pay loggers to remove, stack, and burn the trees in many areas of Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystem.  The Juniper has little value as timber.  We believe we have a better use for the Junipers.  We believe we have a better use for the wood.  We recover the trees from private land, cut them into usable pieces for your resin tables and art.

All pieces are vacuum kiln dried and are not surfaced.

Note: These pieces do have checks and bark inclusions.  These pieces are not sanded.  Rough cut at 5/4.

Photos are taken dry and in the box they will ship in.

There is one box full of pieces three layers deep.  The box is 12" x 24"

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