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Showing the Beauty of Wood

The beauty & diversity of wood fascinates and sparks creativity of all kinds. Its range of colors, texture, figure & patterns can't be compared to any man made material. We are proud to bring you the rarest and most beautiful woods from the lush Pacific Northwest forest. We salvage woods that would otherwise be lost to the slash pile and carefully cut it into slabs that can be used for a variety of projects including tables, chairs, gunstocks, bowls, pool cues, bar tops and much more.

close up of live edge wood slab

Showcasing Great Wood

A gallery of northwest coastal woods & the wood shop processes here at High West Wood

Inspiring Fine Wood Craftsmanship

With a doggone good piece of wood. We have specialty woods, cut with quality in mind. Our customers are artists, turners, furniture makers, crafters, carpenters, instrument makers & Hobbyists. We offer several types of woods for all your woodworking needs.

Featuring Fine Craftsmanship

Showcasing our unique and beautiful wood through our customers projects. 

Sharing Your Passion

We have a passion for unique wood with a rich range of colors and contrasting figure patterns. High West Wood is proud to offer you the best wood possible for your special projects. We love to see and share our customers great work. Please submit pictures of your  projects for us to share on this site. 

We also have an instagram page, so follow us and tag us in your work so we can proudly display your great projects online!

Selling Online & In Person

Sometimes you just need to see and feel the wood to be inspired for your next woodworking or DIY project. Thats why we offer appointments to browse our selection of unique woods. We sell wood by the piece or by the truck load and will work with you to get just what you need.